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(posted on 8 Jul 2017)

A highlight of summer - Art off the Fence on South Pender Island. The show runs Saturday and Sunday next weekend, July 15 and 16, from 11 to 4 each day. The venue is the grounds of The Church of the Good Shepherd, immediately beside and within easy walking distance of Poet's Cove Resort and Marina. This is the 21st annual Art off the Fence show, and is widely anticipated on and beyond Pender Island shores. There will be wonderful art and music - bring a picnic and plan to stay awhile.

I will be showing photography and mixed media work. There will be framed photographs printed 'traditionally' on paper (see boats anchored in Browning Harbour below), and some unframed canvas pieces (Bisected Sun below).


(posted on 25 Jun 2017)

A trio of shows coming up - photographs, printed on metal, at Slow Coast in July,
Red Tree Gallery at Sea Star Vineyards over the July 1st weekend, and Art off the Fence
on South Pender Island July 15th and 16th.

Coastal scenes, many of Pender, will show for a month at Slow Coast. A sample or two:

Then, 10 Red Tree artists at Sea Star. Join us for art, music, and wonderful local wine from
our very own Pender Island Vineyard.

And one of the summer highlights on Pender, Art off the Fence, a two-day outdoor extravaganza
of art and music. There I will show photography and mixed-media. Bring a picnic and linger
under the trees.

Pender Island recently lost a gifted glass artist. Wendy Hacking was to have been a guest
artist at Art off the Fence. Sadly she won't be there but her work will be featured for show
and sale. Please forward this to anyone you know who might want to be there for Wendy.


(posted on 28 Mar 2017)

Home for our current March adventure is a rental 31 foot motorhome - it houses two senior humans and one senior dog, and has weathered intense sun and equally intense rain, snow, sleet, and hail. It provides spacious comfort when "camped" but shrinks to insignificance between semis on the interstates or riding beneath towering Utah rock formations. Wondrous canyons and majestic cliffs have given my lens plenty of exercise - and a challenge beyond its capacity - that is to register the grandeur and expanse of the spell-binding 360 degree landscape. Utah is an enchanting land.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. First Arizona's Grand Canyon (lives up to it's name).

Now Utah, starting with Monument Valley.

Amazing colours highlight a miraculous route across Southern Utah from Blanding through
Hanksville and Torrey, on towards Bryce Canyon.

Kodachrome Basin State Park:

Towering hoodoos in Red Canyon:

We are now heading north for home and the scenery has changed dramatically! Today we drove through Eureka, Nevada which bills itself as "the friendliest town on the loneliest road in America".

(posted on 27 Mar 2017)

Just want to let you know about a special show at Red Tree Gallery
on Pender Island. The show opens this Friday with a wine and nibblies
reception from 4 until 6 - invitation attached below poster.

My apologies to those of you receiving this more
than once.

(posted on 21 Feb 2017)

The pleasure of pairing images became clear to me as I compiled photographs for my books (Pender Island and the Salish Sea in 2014 and Edges and Echoes in 2016). I love finding ways and reasons to combine two or more images.

Even though the subject matter may be unrelated, the images can be analogous in some curious way such as form or colour, or both as in the photographs shown below.

I am in the process of revising my website - http://www.DianeMacDonaldPhotography.com - where you will find new images and other, sometimes odd, combinations.

(posted on 3 Jan 2017)

New years signal fresh starts and resolve. Seeking nourishment for myself and for my camera,
I set out in what we call 'frigid' in the southern gulf islands to find - what? - light and unusual beauty.

The first shot appeared through my dirty passenger window, enough to lure me from the warmth
of the car.

Magic Lake lives up to its name, and would be totally frozen except for the gusting winds that keep
some edges liquid and create beguiling textural contrast between the sheen of smooth ice and the
shifting patterns of water ruffled by wind.

The seam between the open water and the ice shifts, adding mesmerizing line and pattern.

Ice cubes form where the branches drop into the water, and the frozen lake surface softens
shadows and reflections.

Winter overtakes. imprisoning fall leaves just below the surface.

This optimistic little guy hovers at the feeder along with some pals, clinging as the wind
rocks his meal and entertaining us with his persistence.

And, unrelated and taken at the end of 2016, a burst of light reflected at night on our rain
soaked deck - sheer play. I like the depth and splash - our very own non-pyrotechnical New
Year's Eve display.

Back to January 2017 - and my homage to Tom Thompson. Here's to a year of visual and
sensual beauty, peace, health, joy and happy adventure...

The four images below have been juried into the "Small Treasures" show at the Coast Collective Gallery in Colwood near Victoria and will be exhibited from November 2nd to the 20th.


Leading Light

Spiral Seduction



(posted on 7 Oct 2016)

The Sidney Fine Art Show opens one week from today, on Friday, October 14th and runs Friday and Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm, and Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm at the Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney. I am thrilled to say that three of my images, show below, have been juried into the show. http://www.DianeMacDonaldPhotography.com

(posted on 27 Aug 2016)

3 DAMES:HOT ART showcases at Sea Star Vineyards over Labour Day Weekend on
beautiful Pender Island. Join us for good food, gentle music, great wine and HOT ART
at the opening reception next Friday, September 2nd, from 4 until 8. Show continues
Saturday and Sunday, September 3rd and 4th, from 11 to 4 each day. Featured will be
photographs (Diane MacDonald), glass (Wendy Hacking), and dyes on silk (Sally Robinson).

Art off the Fence takes place NEXT Saturday and Sunday, July 16 and 17 - an extravaganza of
amazing artwork, delicious food and wonderful music, all at the Church of the Good Shepherd on
South Pender Island from 11-4 each day. The poster below shows details of the show followed
by a sneak peek taste of what I will be showing - photography and mixed media work. We hope
you can make the show a part of your weekend - we're optimistic that the sun will be shining
- the show goes on regardless!


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