Diane MacDonald


We camped in Ontario with son and grandsons at Bon Echo Provincial Park - a weather adventure with a two hour walk in torrential rain one day and a canoe trip interrupted by an electrical storm the next.  Our spirits weren't dampened and the family tent remained dry on the inside.  Mel and I were happy to be in the RV!

Leaving Ottawa we headed for the McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Kleinburg just north of Toronto where we found a special exhibition of the work of Vancouver artist Gathie Falk.  Gathie's work is eclectic and intriguing, ranging from video to paint to clay.

Lake Huron wasn't far away and after an overnight there we headed back to the US, once again to circumvent the long northern miles around Lake Superior.

US prairie and farm country is hard to distinguish from Canadian farmland and barns and corn are ubiquitous.

That peaceful farmland was rudely interrupted when we hit the big time... you want to be sure of your destination!

Big rigs rule!

Gary Indiana ran into Chicago Illinois, and Chicago almost ran into Milwaukee, Wisconsin where we exited the freeway with relief and were rewarded with a visit to the spectacular Milwaukee Art Museum with its spreading sails.  The "wings" open when the museum opens, close and reopen at noon, and close at the end of the day. 

The interior is equally magnificent in terms of scale, both of the architecture and the artwork.

So much space!  Nothing crowded here.

Back to the prairies, gradually flatter and flatter with more and MORE bugs.

The Missouri River - much like the Okanagan for a few miles before the land flattened again.  The sign reads, "Beware of Poisonous Snakes".

It's possible to remove the bug spots on the photographs but this is "real".

Division of labour.  I did the dinner dishes!  Off to a clean start tomorrow.