Diane MacDonald


(posted on 15 Jun 2024)

a brush, a lens, & a press

The current exhibition at Fortune Gallery in Victoria’s Chinatown features the work of Barbra Edwards, Dave Skilling, and me.  We have been working towards this show for months, but until a week ago we had not seen one another’s work in person.  Last Saturday was hanging day and the magic we were hoping for slowly emerged - the pieces speak to each other and the whole is cohesive.



One of my photography mentors said something that stuck with me - “beware of interesting things”.  Over the years I’ve given that considerable thought, pondering her meaning.  I don’t think she was suggesting that photographers look for uninteresting things!  I think she meant that anybody with any kind of a camera can snap a picture.  The art in photography is to find a unique viewpoint, a personal approach to the subject.  In other words what is important is not the subject itself, but the singular vision of the photographer.  This is true for artists in all mediums - it is in the unique expression that we glimpse both the artist and the art.

We hope you will be able to visit this week - Fortune Gallery is open every day except Monday from noon to five.  I will be there tomorrow (Sunday) and Wednesday through Saturday next week.  Show comes down mid-afternoon Saturday June 22nd.