Diane MacDonald
19 Apr 2019 - 29 Apr 2019 Homage Category: Show/Exhibit Venue: Mahon Hall, Salt Spring Island Reception: 19 Apr 2019
Invited artists were asked to create a work in any medium in homage to any artist of their choice, and to write 100 words or less about the artist to whom they choose to pay tribute.

My inspiration is Mary Pratt, whose luminous nuanced paintings draw the viewer’s attention to the beauty of the ordinary. Pratt worked from photograph to painting; I’ve enjoyed working backwards – from painting to photograph. Mary Pratt’s subject matter frequently includes food, foil, and plastic wrap. Playing with similar elements, I used her paintings as a springboard, and the repercussion propelled me in a different direction and farther from my prototype than I ever would have imagined. In some ways it feels presumptuous to be so bold.