Diane MacDonald


(posted on 20 Sep 2018)

After venturing into Wells Gray Provincial Park, we headed from Clearwater to Mt. Robson,
the highest peak in Canada - only about a third of its stately beauty was visible. The changing
colours emphasized its angular grandeur and cloud formations made the changing views

The aim of this trip was to meet Mel's sister and her husband at Mt. Robson and from there
travel to Jasper, Banff, and Fairmont.  The photo above was taken at the Mt. Robson Visitor's
Centre where we picked up directions and maps.  We eagerly returned to the "rig" to begin
exploring only to find that it stubbornly refused to start.  We have BCAA to thank for the
45 minute tow back to Valemount.


Followed the tow truck to the boonies outside Valemount - can't say we were reassured when
we arrived at Monashee Motors.

But our reticence was groundless and after an overnight stay in the garage the rig was up
and running again.  Unfortunately the weather then threw havoc into our plans and, with 
snow in the forecast and dire Environment Canada warnings about conditions on the Columbia
River Parkway, we diverted to Edmonton.  We passed some sheep just bumming around as we
drove through Jasper. A blast of winter and the promised snow materialized when we arrived at
Mel's sister's home.


The four of us decided to head further east trying to outrun the snow.  Our revised route took
us to Drumheller, home of the internationally renowned Tyrell Museum.  The dinosaur displays
are remarkable (an understatement), and the stop educational, fun and worthwhile.

Finally we dared to turn west toward the Rocky Mountains and, once there, were rewarded
with multiple glimpses of their wonder as we drove from Banff to Lake Louise.



Mighty, majestic, magnificent - abundant, beautiful views around each bend. Exhilarating
and humbling.  I'm running out of superlatives!  We're in Fairmont now, already eager to
return to Banff and Jasper.