Diane MacDonald


(posted on 13 Feb 2020)

This posting finds us heading south on what has become an annual snowbird adventure.  Let's
skip the I-5 nerve-wracking navigation with its overpopulation of single-minded big rigs.  Las
Vegas was our first adventure stop; over several years we have discovered the wonder of the
surrounding landscape (Valley of Fire) and, this time, Red Rock Canyon, a mecca for walkers,
hikers and climbers.

Two climbers below - the upper one hard to spot in blue.

We continue to be captivated by the wild and wonderful plants and trees that survive and
sometimes thrive in this harshest of environments.

For a change of pace, an oasis of sorts: Lake Pleasant, created by a dam on the outskirts of 
Phoenix.  Breaking the photographic rules, I had fun dividing the scene with the presiding
saguaro cactus, keeping steadfast watch over a variety of aquatic pursuits.

Now driving across the Sonoran Desert in Southern California on a 'cloudy' day. The road
traversed expansive sand dunes and kept us amused with multiple warning signs of "dips".  
More roller coaster than dips.




The desert environment here in Borrego Springs is spectacular - and very difficult to "capture" 
photographically.  Its magnificence arises largely from the colossal expanse; ironically too
from the sense of isolation and rugged unwelcome.  It is not a land for the faint of heart. But
the sun warms the surrounding mountains and even this lonely land invites delightful exploration.