Diane MacDonald


(posted on 26 Jan 2019)

Pender Island to Prescott Arizona - a journey of thrills, some good, some not-so-good.  The weather in southern Oregon and northern California presented a harrowing challenge.  Driving rain erased the view and 
pooled along the roads.  Illuminated highway signs ominously read, "Severe storm. Expect flooding" and the 
result was a torrential rain, high-wind-warning drive.

No vacancy at the RV park - not normally a January problem, but space is currently
reserved for California refugees from the Paradise and Camp Fires.  Fortunately a truck
stop adjacent to the RV park was able to accommodate the overflow.  The motorhome
was ‘rockin and rollin’ in the wind all night long.  We joined the big leagues - flanked by
a cadre of tractor-trailer rigs that arrived after we went to bed.

The adventures became lighter and sunnier as we drove south, and we relaxed when we were
able to camp and ride our bikes under the orange trees near Bakersfield CA.  

Gentle rolling hills east of Bakersfield lead upwards toward an engineering feat - the Tehachapi
Loop, where elevation change necessitated construction of a circular rail track built in 1876.
If the train is long enough, it is possible to simultaneously view engine and caboose, one above
the other as the train gradually descends before entering a tunnel to continue westbound.

Then - Las Vegas!  Celine Dion - the theatre, capacity 4300, was full.  The audience was young,
loud and REALLY into Celine - and what a show it was - an amazing performance with a
phenomenal cast of back-up musicians and extraordinary stage effects and lighting; a true 
Vegas entertainment extravaganza.  

Las Vegas glitz: Chihuly glass ceiling at the Bellagio Hotel

and life-size white and dark figures fashioned entirely of chocolate and poised on sugar 'glass' 
advertising Cirque de Soleil's "O".


Today a trip to the snow-dusted Grand Canyon in sunshine - just downloading pictures now.   
Will post again in a couple of weeks from somewhere east of Arizona - but in no rush to leave
good friends and the beauty of this state.